After the manufacturing and the transportation processes of goods have been completed, their installation processes can be completed at our constructrion sites according to the measurements of the project under the supervision of our experts.

In order to maintain the continuity of high quality throughout installation processes as well, our company acknowledges the idea of working with the personnel that has been serving and working under its control and observance has better results. We have been trying to serve our clients with our construction crews consisting of 600 employees locally, 200 employees internationally. We use modern suspended scaffolds, spider cranes and monorails as installation equipments; job security has been our primary concern.

Our main crews consist of project managers, construction site chiefs, measurement teams, job security specialists and foremen who are engineers or architects. During application processes technical engineers of Schüco visit our construction sites periodically and provide technical support. It is our main goal to complete installation processes working at the highest efficiency, under the administration of our project coordinators and the assistance of the work schedules provided by our contractors and; to complete both milestone and final receivings without any deficients.