We moved our production processes that started in 1979 in a workshop of 90 sqm located in Levent / Istanbul, into our factory built in 1989 in Hadimkoy/ Istanbul. Then, in 2012, to increase the capacity of our factory built in Hadimkoy we renewed its machine park and moved to our factory building in Corlu satisfying world standards with its high-end technological equipments. In this new factory of ours manufacturing processes are run in 30 machinery parks and it has 20.500 sqm closed and 11.500 sqm open areas. In 2016 due to a significant increase in our work load, to serve our clients better and with the consciousness of making an investment in our country we completed building our second factory in the area of our former one and started manufacturing processes there as well. The new factory has 10.000 sqm closed and, 3.500 sqm open area. Both of our factories consist of administration offices, manufacturing halls, open and closed storage areas, repairment and maintenance units, warehouses, locker rooms, dining halls, and an infirmary.

In our factories where aluminium and steel are processed, the hardest manufacturing processes can be run and the hardest manufacturing details requested by project owners and contractors can be processed. In our project departments manufacturing drawings are created on computers before they are forwarded to our factories through Yapitasi System owned by our company in which they are given tracking codes. Then, from Yapitasi System, they are  transferred directly into our machines in the machine parks to complete the manufacturing processes in an automation system without any external interferences.

In our factories with a capacity of 500.000 sqm of finished products annually, 450 employees are performing their tasks and, following the safety rules is one of the most important criteria. In our factories, under the guarantee and control of Schüco, we are able to produce Schüco systems as well as local aluminium systems. Before the products obtained from both local and international suppliers are accepted into our storage, they are controlled for their measurements and, if necessary, chemical and mechanical tests are performed on them prior to their registration which is then followed by assigning all of the products tracking numbers specific to our company in order to control the quality of all them through the process of manufacturing. Our manufactured goods are also tracked via our barcode system and inside our plants are portals, monorails, and cranes with elevation capacities starting from 3 tons reaching up to 20 tons.

For transportation stages, we transport manufactured goods to worksites with the trucks of our company locally. For our international projects, specially in 2016 to the United Kingdom every week, we dispatch with transportation companies having a Force Certificate.

Inside our factories are appropriate mechanisms to perform the tests stated in our technical contracts such as glass test, butterfly test, shear test, mixing ratio test, bonding test, adhesion test, H piece test, H piece test (wet), removal of a facade unit test, a test where a panel or a stick system is hung on a stand and is tested with water for leaking, a test where a finned or normal aluminium joinery is hung on a stand and tested with water for leaking, ISOMAT press convenience test performed with a Pneumatic test device. We initiated our pre-studies for R&D works and are able to manufacture for the testing processes of our major projects’ systems possessing unique designs.