Our tendering department runs the technical works of both local and international projects while satisfying the demands of both clients and project owners as well as yielding the data written on the technical contract. Then it specifies the system appropriate for the project, sets a budget bringing together all the data they have gained and shares it with the client.

Having gotten the job, the tendering department forwards the technical data of the job to our project and static departments, and the time and cost information of the job to our planning, purchasing and financial affairs departments. Following the obtained information and the results of meetings, project and static departments prepare the application projects of the job. The tendering department continuing meetings with our clients during the application process as well, also does the necessary studies for the alternative solutions required depending on the needs of the project.

Apart from the one at our headquarter located in Turkey, we also have tendering departments at our offices located in the United Kingdom and Russia to serve our clients fast and efficiently.